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Friday, 25 July 2014

Canada to Mexico Day 7

Miles Today = 56
Total Miles = 316

It nearly had my bloody leg that damn dog!!

I got up at about 0730 to make sure I caught Noreen before she went to work I had to say a big thank you for hosting me.  The food she cooked was lovely, I had my clothes washed and dried and the guest room was so comfy I had the best nights sleep I can remember in a long time.  I suppose the setting of the house all went to make it a peaceful experience.  Bob made me a super breakfast, oatmeal, pastries and coffee, fruit for the journey.  I wrote in the journal they keep of all the people they host for.  We went outside for final photographs then I was on my way.  I am meeting so many lovely people through this experience, if the world was full of people like this we would not have any problems as all.  I have got a host for the next two nights then I am camping for about seven nights.

It was one of those days which was all about getting you head down and turning the pedals. The weather was not good again, which means the wind was also blowing from the south (against me) which was a bit annoying.  All the forecasts are saying that it is going to start to get much nicer which means the wind should blow the way it is meant to at this time of year.

Everybody though is talking about the weeks of 90 degree heat they have had to endure so they were quite grateful for this bit of rain they have had.  Everybody is also telling me about the scenery I am going to see on the next part of the trip.  "Blow my mind" they say.  I say "it has already been blown". 

I have come across a few barking dogs, but normally they stop at the end of their drive or garden. As I was going past this one drive there were two huge dogs. They were not even barking, but I caught the eye of one of them and it started to chase and bark. Luckily I was in the correct gear and I got my legs a spinning.  Sometimes, even on the flat, to give my arse a rest I might get into a harder gear so I can stand up for a minute of so, if I had been doing that at that point the dog would of had my leg, if I had been going up an hill the dog would have had my leg, if the dog was coming out of a drive on my side of the road he would of had my leg.  He meant business!  But I managed to get up to full speed quickly and I seas impressed that I could out sprint it with my luggage, but I was worried about which one of us was going to get tired first.  He lost that one :)

I got to my new hosts in Centralia and met David and his partner Ardeth. They have been really nice. I got a shower and they made a nice meal.  Looking around the house I spotted a picture of a bear and I was told that it is a photo their neighbour took of a bear that keeps on pestering the trash can....... umm, nice to know, but I keep on getting told about the other stuff that is going to me more of a pain, particularly, down south, the cocky racoons that will go through your bags and every else to get what they want.  David is going to sort me out with some breakfast at about 0700 in the morning because I have a long day tomorrow, it is going to be an 80 miler with a fully stacked bike.  Not many pictures today, as stated above, this was just a day about 'getting there'.  

The nice weather and the vistas are just around the corner.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Canada to Mexico Day 6

Miles today = 56
Total miles = 260

It feels all squidgy.  I got a flat tyre today.  To tell the truth two flat tyres.  

I left Seattle very early this morning to catch the ferry back to Bremerton.  I had to sneak out because the rest of the household were still sleeping.  I got my stuff outside and the heavens opened.  It was pretty much like that all day and after the few beers I had the night before and the rain, you could say I was not as perky as I normally am in the morning.

I bought my ferry ticket $9 and went to get a protein box and a soya milk hazelnut latte from the Starbucks across the street.

As I waited for the ferry people were ducking for cover from the rain,  but I thought as I am going to be in this all day I might as well get used to it.

On the ferry it looked spectacular, again the mountains with snow on top just looked stunning and the little islands covered in fog were really erie.  The fog looked like it was trying to break free from the grasp of the forests.

Ducks were flying alongside the ferry, well a lot faster that the ferry and they were just a couple of inches above the water.  They looked so cute, they made me smile.  As I stood on the deck looking and the ducks and the islands with the beautiful houses.  It made me think that it looks so perfect it all looked like a model, the type of model that someone who has model railways would make.  It was peaceful.

Got of the ferry and it was still raining.  Plodding on I got to this forest and I had a thought, it would be really crappy to breakdown here in the middle of nowhere in this rain.  Hey presto, just as I had that thought a puncture.  Now when your bike is fully loaded up with gear a puncture is a pain.  You have to take all your gear off etc etc.  I did not have anywhere to lean the bike against so I was taking all the gear of and trying to hold the bike up as well.  Anyway, I got it fixed and went on my way.  I stopped for some flapjack and a coffee about 30 minutes later when I passed a little store. 

I carried on my travels up this hill which I was told by the guy is 27% in places and I believed him when I saw it.  Luckily it was short.  At the top though I thought I would just stick a bit more air in the tyre.  I like to travel at 120 psi.  It is just a mental thing that I want as little rolling resistance as possible.  But as I bent down with the pump I heard the hissing.  I found the lump of glass, removed it, peeled back the tyre and just stuck a patch on this time.

On my way once more.  I was travelling over some big hills and when I looked to the side.  I saw some more mountains with snow on top.  I did not expect it to look like this at all, they are everywhere and they are big.  I hit the city/town of Shelton and took cover I had a coffee whilst I waited for my host to arrive home from work.  I would still have another 16 miles to go to get to their house.

My hosts for this evening are Bob and Noreen.  I got to their house and it is beautiful, when I say beautiful I mean gorgeous.  It is right on the water.  They are so cool, done so much stuff including sailing, they have their own boat.  They have been so cool, the guest room is lovely, had a beautiful shower.  Had a beautiful tea and had my clothes washed and dried.  Cannot thank them enough!!!!

So despite the rain I am having a ball.  Noreen has showed me some pictures and given me tips of what it will be like further down on the trip and that is all the motivation you need!!